Friday, March 15, 2013

Boomers in the News

BOOMERS made an appearance in today's Charleston Daily Mail. To read the full article online, click HERE.  

Unexpected Praise for Boomers

#34: Personal snail mail trumps e-mail by a power of 100.
#82: Send 'thank you' notes...ASAP!
Sometimes something small and totally unexpected can make your day. I received this note in the mail from a fellow boomer who enjoyed the book. I really appreciate the kind words! What can I say... Boomers Rock!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Launch Party - With A Boom!

--Dateline Boomer, WV

The name "Boomer" and its sherbet-colored cottages hanging charmingly from the mountainside distinguish this village of 500. On April 18th, National Animal Cracker Day, starting at 10:00 AM, author James Thibeault hopes to add a third distinction to his neighbors' town by giving baby boomers of Boomer a copy of his new book, "Boomers: 400+ Tips and Hings from the Generation that Refuses to Grow Old".

Thibeault, a boomer wellness advocate, plans to bicycle to the state Capitol in Charleston along Route 60 / Midland Trail Scenic Highway, giving away 65 copies of his wisdom- and wellness-focused book to 65 baby boomers. Taking his own advice #203: "Riding a bicycle and living a life - both work best if you keep moving," the 66-year-old boomer hopes to inspire others of his generation to live with a BOOM!   

"Ten thousand people turn 65 everyday, and most in my generation are focused on youthfulness," says Thibeault, who  has worked in the field of aging for four decades. "I thought I understood. I thought I knew the road ahead, but it's full of challenges and surprises that are very different from mid- or early life."

#411: 65 - No speed limit on changes, no brakes for age.