Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Write a Book?

For author James Thibeault, writing "Boomers" was not just another "Bucket List" accomplishment to check off and forget about; Thibeault wrote this book with the idea that it would help start a movement -- a movement to encourage folks to "Live With a Boom!". A member of the Baby Boomer Generation, when Thibeault realized he had already outlived the life expectancy he had at birth, it affected him, taking a little wind from his sails. However, after talking to his wife and other Boomer friends, Thibeault came to realize that the aging generation can be as full of vitality as their children and grandchildren -- you just gotta keep moving!

Aging in the 21st century is no longer synonymous with poor health, thanks to advances in science and medicine and increased understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle. "Boomers: 400+ Tips and Hints from the Generation that Refuses to Grow Old" is a tool to use for encouragement, advice, and most importantly a way to open the discussion about how you wish to live your "Golden Years." 

Boomers is a lighthearted approach to a serious message. It's
an easy, enjoyable read, but it's more than just a novelty book!

Here's an excerpt from the book's introduction: 

Theday I turned 65 so did 10,000 other people. We were as close to 30 as 100. The birthday wish was simple... good health and youthful vigor, a modestrequest for a generation that changed the course of race, wars, women, theenvironment, animal rights, sex and marijuana. What would be so difficult aboutgetting to l00 on our terms?

Ibegan asking myself and boomer friends, “What keeps you going? What renews youas you face these new challenges?” I set out to harvest some of the wisdom ofmy generation and discovered a renewed mindfulness and balance. I had forgottenmany of the simple things that made life enjoyable.

Thibeault has his own share of Boomer accomplishments.  As a VISTA Volunteer, he organized the nationally known Cabin Creek Quilts Cooperative.  Internationally, he is credited with the development of Colors of Life Africa benefiting women and children of Kenya with HIV Aids. Together with his wife Karen Glazier he developed Good Living Homes in 1981, which was one of the first green model homes for older people.  He has served as an international development consultant in 15 countries and 4 continents. James is the host of the TV show "Health Chat", a fitness and health advocate, and Co- Chair of the Kanawha Valley Village People, a Village to Village Model for Boomers who are designing their own retirement in their own homes through internet support.  A portion of the book’s proceeds will go to this group.  He is a Jefferson Award winner and his wife is 2012 WV Social Worker of the Year.

James' work has received national press coverage
throughout his career.

 To relax, James has organized three Freedom Treks to benefit a Booker T. Washington complex in his community. He led bicycle trips from Tuskegee, Alabama and Newport, Virginia and 250-mile hike from Booker’s slave home in Hales Ford, VA, to Malden, WV. He also organized the Regatta River Swim from the Capital in Charleston 1.5 miles to the center city. A bike ride from Canada to Charleston, WV to promote "Boomers" is scheduled to begin May 1, 2013.

James has successfully orchestrated awareness campaigns for history and wellness. He will
be peddling from Canada to Charleston, WV in May as part of the "Live With a Boom" Movement.

Join the Movement!

You can join the movement by joining James Thibeault as he pedals down the East Coast from Canada to Charleston, WV. Not ready to jump on your bike yet? You can start your own journey by buying the book or sponsoring Thibeault's campaign. Contact the author through the comments on this blog, the "Live With a Boom!" Facebook page, or by emailing

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