Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 2: St. Johnsbury to Wilder, Vermont

Cool is good on a bike; windy isn't. Fortunately the morning gusts blew away. With each mile this "Dolly Sod" like world slipped away. The MOOSE crossing signs begin to disappear. The Connecticut River is ahead.

This is post card and Calendar Vermont. This is maple syrup, covered bridges, round barns and very old churches and cemeteries. A early morning Vermonter gave me a hearty hello. I stopped and traded stories. Upon leaving I asked about the road ahead. "Oh, I'd say its mostly level or downhill...." then he added his Vermont humor..."except where its uphill."

Forrest green Subarus of the early 90's vintage with "Say NO to Wind" bumper stickers are giving way to New York and Connecticut Volvos and BMW's. Antique shops are opening for the season.

Round barns and livestock dot the landscape.

Wilder is is across the Connecticut River from Hanover where Dartmouth Sits. A childhood buddy is my host. We attend a cookout at his daughter and son-in-law's across the street from the campus. This is a rare world of privilege and opportunity for the successful and the fortunate.

My hosts are both young Medical Doctors at Dartmouth Medical Center. They have two young lovely daughters. It was mild and memorable low-key time with exceptionally good people.wt

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