Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 4. Bellows Falls to Brattleboro....

Antique shops, crafts shops, B&B's BMW's I'm riding into the megalopolises playground .
Wilderness no more! I feel a longing for what drew my brother to that wilderness at the north border. An intensity goes with all those things people must protect. The driving style changes. The foods even in the quick stops is special for the tastes of Southern Vermonters and their visitors. I've been on a green power diet of blended Kale, spinach and fruit. I have powdered versions that I mix with fruit juice. This morning when the world wasn't looking I pulled into a farm stand restaurant and had a chocolate croissant ...then I had a raspberry!

You drop into Brattleboro. I did an interview with the Reformer the second paper of VT and set off for downtown. Brattleboro is Berkley without the campus. It's tie-dye and Birkenstocks, It is so different from everything to the north that it is comical. Now it was time to buy a new sleeping bag and mat which I did . I then checked into a motel for the wi-fi and the night,

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