Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Perfect day near perfect places and very fortunate people. Day 5. 35mi

That is how the 32-mile ride ended at historic Deerfield. Everything today was reaching a point of perfection.
The azalia, the magnolia,the forsythia. The grass was that perfect deep green the air fresh and clean. Historic Deerfield a later period than colonial Williamsburg. More comfortable and settled. 1750 1850.

 Homes are adapted successfully for real living without compromising. This is a maze of subtle colors and picket fences, period correct planting yet real families live here. Moderate and lower income reproductions are only understood as such by the bicycles and toys strewn about.

Faculty families planting doorstep gardens and chat over non-plastic picket fences. Real people living non-TV directed lives. On the green, Deerfield Students play baseball, soccer, lacrosse, run and cycle. It's a perfect spring afternoon 200 students are in motion and not a single electronic device can be seen.

I take my electronics to the banks of the Connecticut. I'm waiting for the sun to set to try my new sleeping bag out ......

Next morning
The camping went well. Kanawha valley and Deerfield CT River Valley share the plague of road noise amplified by the very hills that make them beautiful...

Wifi this morning thanks to Tibetan B&B of Deerfield....

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