Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 7. The Creamery Coop, Cummingston, Mass.

Three miles uphill out of Williamsburg, three down into Cummingston on the western slope of the Berkshires I found the Creamery Coop sitting by itself at the foot of the hill. The food is delicious --the bakery too. The members are the sustainability set. No flip flops or sandals in this group. It's work books and plenty of dirt on your jeans . Six tables at a bay window surrounded by useful product like African baskets, a lending library, the Earth Day Flag Flying overhead. Recycling bins and more tea and beans than a super market. People pass through for a moment's sociability or an extended sit and chat.

I camped on the East Branch or the Westfield River 300 feet south of the Creamery. It is reputed to be the cleanest river in Mass. Signs showing the Atlantic fresh water Salmon declaring ...Throw it back! As the sun set, what I thought were a flock of low flying birds was a school of salmon.

In the sand at the edge of the river this morning were deep claw prints that weren't there the night before--less than twenty feet from my sleeping bag. I asked at the Creamery where I now sit with coffee about bears...."Oh ya. Love the dumpster."

I'm twenty miles out of Pittsfield and twenty more to Lenox which is approx. 1/3 of the trip.

One thing that stands out about New England is the small town Libraries which are remarkable contributors to quality of life. Also, the commitment to community history evidenced by the number of community museums.

The German Dr. at the next table talking with a local carpenter declares that his wife stayed in NY because she had a concert coming up and she's avoiding all the pollen in the air. Art and music talk at the no-rush checkout. "What makes Boomers happy to be here?" I ask the lady behind the counter.

"The appeal is clean water, clear thinking, and the great outdoors appears to be priceless to Creamery Coop customers," says Zoe.

Raging spring in New England.

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