Sunday, May 12, 2013

Towards the Shenandoah Valley and WV. Saturday

Up and down and up and down. Way too much grass to mow, I think to myself. I come upon a scene out of a Civil War movie. It's re-enactors. Horses, flags, soldiers for both the North the South, women in hooped black dresses, children dressed of the era, Boy and Girl Scouts and onlookers of suburban variety all standing around in a graveyard. A bag-piper plays and someone reads the names of deceased confederate soldiers.

This scene is played out with a high degree of accuracy until a suburban woman faints and a paramedic team with its high tech equipment is brought into the mix and by this time it is clear that her problem was standing in the heat.

I go downstairs in the church and have some good church lady food, then peddle on towards Winchester where I happily take a motel and all its comforts. This iPad and its bicycle app seem to think that from where I sit I should go to Augusta and Romney and then drop down to Elkins. Looks like a good idea.

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